Q: Is English spoken exclusively, or do you incorporate Japanese?

A: In the Kids’ Room, teachers speak English all day, but children are free to communicate in their preferred language. In the case that a child is upset or needs help understanding direction, Japanese may be used to comfort or assure them.

Q: Do you teach British or American English?

A: We use an American curriculum, but we have no bias towards one variant of English. Our founder is from the UK and we welcome native English-speaking teachers from around the globe.

Q: How do you nurture diversity?

A: We welcome office members, families and staff of all ages and backgrounds, and encourage communication, collaboration and friendship between them.

Q: How many Japan-registered preschool teachers are present at one time?

A: At least one is legally required, but usually we have two on staff per day.

Food & Drink

Q: Do you provide meals?

A: Yes, we provide lunch at the school.

Q: Do you refrigerate lunch boxes?

A: We do not put lunch boxes in the fridge (rice goes hard!) but store them in cool boxes in the summertime. Neither do we heat food in the microwave, so we ask that parents prepare foods that can be eaten ‘as is’.

What to Bring

Q: What do I need to provide day-to-day?

A: For a full-time program, your child will need: lunch, a water bottle, diapers and wipes, a change of clothes, a bed pad and towel for nap time and a RYOZAN PARK hat for excursions. Water bottles, clothes, bedding and hats can be stored at RYOZAN PARK. Bedding and hats will be sent home for cleaning at the end of the week.

Q: Do I have to supply diapers?

A: We have a compulsory diaper service.

Q: Do I have to collect soiled diapers for disposal?

A: No. This is common practice at many Japanese preschools, but we are able to dispose of diapers directly.

Safety & Security

Q: How does security work in a preschool located within an office?

A: Members come and go using security cards. Fifth and 6th-floor member cards are not authorised to enter the 7th floor where the preschool is located. In the event that members use the 7th floor for meetings, administrative staff – not preschool teachers – will attend to them and members will not at any time enter the Kids’ Room. Furthermore, ‘suspicious individual’ evacuation drills are carried out twice yearly.

Q: How often do you carry out emergency drills?

A: Once a month. A parent or guardian is required to participate (to practise picking up their child) once a year out of two possible dates.


Q: When do I have to confirm each month’s schedule?

A: Your child’s weekly schedule will be fixed at the time of entry and will be the same every month. Changes to the schedule depend on availability. Requests must be submitted at least one month in advance.

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