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Calendar & Hours

Opening Hours

09:00 – 17:00

Annual Schedule

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Annual Events

April – Welcome Party / Easter
May – Children’s Day / Parents’ Open Day
June – Exploring Otsuka
July – Star Festival / Water Play
August – Water Play
September – Moon Viewing
October – Parents’ Open Day / Halloween
November – Signs of Autumn / Thanksgiving
December – Christmas Party
January – Mochi-pounding Party
February – Setsubun / Valentine’s Day
March – Dolls Festival / Farewell Party

Evacuation drills, nutrition education, height and weight measurement & birthday parties are also held monthly.
We also regularly hold networking parties, workshops and lectures for office members.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to arrange many events and activities over the last 12 months. We have taken precautionary measures where necessary and look forward to when we can start our social community events again.

Enrolment Process

How to Apply

1   Visitation Form
Contact us to arrange a visit to our school.

2   Response
A staff member will reply to with more information about our school programs, and availability for visits.

3   Schedule
Choose from our available dates and times for a scheduled visit.

4   School Visit
Visit the school to learn firsthand about our school and see both the preschool and Montessori classes.

5.   Free Trial
Your child will spend one day experiencing either our preschool or Montessori class.

6.   Enrolment
Fill out the appropriate forms to complete your child’s application and enrolment.

A few words from Naomi

“After hearing the phrase ’yesterday’s child is gone today’, I looked at my own son and thought how true those words are. I realised that in order to keep up with the incredible ways in which he is changing day by day, I must also constantly evolve and adapt. Through open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, RYOZAN PARK offers opportunities for personal growth in all of its members and I believe that having a preschool in such a community is a wonderful environment for children and families. As director, it is my mission to aid and encourage the growth of the school, its children and their parents.”

Naomi Kondo, Director

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

Stacia Tauscher
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