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Co-founder /Head of School

Naomi Kondo is a licensed kindergarten and elementary school teacher with 13 years of experience and a master’s degree in intercultural communication and leadership in primary education. She is also a registered Japanese nursery nurse (hoikushi). Naomi learned English as an intern in Oregon, US, and has been a member of the Ryozan Park community since 2012. She enjoys making beaded jewelry.



Director of Programs

Jocelyn has a master’s degree in education with an elementary education focus and an AMI Primary Diploma through the Montessori Institute of San Diego. In addition to raising her three small children, she volunteers as a breastfeeding counsellor for La Leche League in Tokyo and blogs about motherhood and Montessori education on her site My Motherhood Tokyo. She enjoys visiting art museums and travelling with her family and is a former collegiate volleyball player.



April from the UK has a degree in graphic design with illustration. In London, she introduced children to different cultural dress through workshops at the Victoria and Albert Museum using the exhibited works as a reference. She also has a side project that strives to spark kids’ curiosity and understanding of other cultures and their cuisine through storytelling. April has two years of experience teaching in Japan and designed curricula at her previous school. She loves the outdoors and trying new foods, and spends her spare time at galleries and museums.



Via, from the Philippines, believes it’s important to teach children to have open hearts and minds. She says she has found her calling as an international preschool teacher. She loves teaching phonics and watching the children grow with love and understanding.

Via likes following painting tutorials and making Halloween costumes such as fairies and unicorns to entertain the children. She is also a fan of anime, pastries, chocolate, sushi, ramen and especially kids’ smiling faces!



Yuka is a licensed nursery nurse (hoikushi) with almost 15 years of combined Japanese, international preschool and kindergarten experience. She loves planning and making crafts as well as cookie decorating.

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Asako has worked as a kindergarten teacher at a kodomo-en for 10 years. She also teaches art and culture at a school that trains nursery teachers. Asako loves seeing the children’s faces glow when they are all happily playing.


Support Teacher

Adelina has 17 years of experience as a nanny and 10 years of experience supporting teachers in a school for children with special needs. Miss Adelina loves working with young kids and they always respond well to her warmth and kindness. She can send any child to sleep with her gentle touch. Adelina has two grown children of her own and two grandchildren in the Philippines.

She loves cooking Filipino food in large quantities and getting in relaxing time at home.



A certified teacher from the Philippines & have been passionate about teaching for many years. Looking forward to helping students to develop their reading and language skills in a fun way.

Has five years of experience in an international school in Tokyo, Japan she has taught Phonics and English grammar classes, and worked as a private English tutor. She loves to play guitar and visit nature parks in her free time.


Support Teacher

I am Nattasorn Promprathom from Thailand. I am a 4th-year university student of International Relations in Japan. I like to travel and learn languages. I am now trying to pursue my dream as an English teacher.



Support Teacher

Lorelei, from the Philippines, loved reading from an early age which led her to study literature at university and join a theatre group while she was there. After graduation, she worked as a civil servant, a researcher, an assistant magazine editor in a magazine and a lecturer before deciding to undertake the challenge of teaching kids. She particularly loves to foster their love for reading through storytelling, evoking emotions by using various tones and voices. She continues her love of learning through workshops and seminars and in her free time, enjoys arts & crafts. She has been teaching in Japan for 6 years and is engaged in ongoing Montessori training.

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Do you want a job that encourages diversity and work-life balance, where you can meet new people in a village-like environment, supporting the needs of individuals, where you can have your voice heard be an integral part of a small team? Check below for opportunities or email to let us know how your expertise could enhance our community.

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