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Why Ryozan Park Preschool?

“…most important is the teachers’ passion for education and genuine affection for the children.”


Learning Through Play

“My son started at RZP Preschool aged 2 years and 2 months. 7 months later, English sentences are falling freely from his mouth. He interacts with his teachers and expresses himself in English and it makes me laugh with admiration to hear him counting his toy cars and never forgetting the plural ’s’. What’s so wonderful is that this English ability comes not through study but through play. The variety of activities, from painting to crafts, songs and exercise is really impressive. While it may be a matter of course that children should learn English at an English preschool, there are a number of points besides language education that make RZP a great school. The most important is the teacher’s passion for education and genuine affection for the children. I feel it most in the small details, like how the teachers take the children out to play even on rainy days when it’s not convenient, and how they never force the kids to do anything such as dancing, toilet time or eating, giving each one time and space to develop. Also, at pick up time, the teachers always speak with the parents and offer an update on how the child was during the day. All of these factors went a long way to helping our family with the adjustment of mother and child in separating during the day. I do feel disappointed that since I can’t speak English myself, I can’t speak as freely as I would like to with some of the teachers and international mothers – everyone seems so interesting that I would love to communicate more – but my heart jumps at the thought that my son will never have to worry about such things.”

Kaori Yoshida

“Being a relatively new parent and an expat can be a recipe for isolation. But my daughter and I have both been welcomed into the Ryozan Park community with such ease. She now has a preschool filled with natural light, colour, music — and qualified teachers who are genuine, encouraging and cheerful. And I have a co-working space in the same building where I can focus. My values align with those of the pre-school: staff know the importance of play-based learning and of community building. Most importantly, I have peace of mind, and my daughter is happy.”

Kimberley Gale

“A great English focused pre-school. Our daughter has really enjoyed her time here and has learnt a lot. It’s making finding a kindergarten a more difficult task because Ryozan Park is so well run. It’s a fun and inclusive community, with lots of friendships being made not only with the kids, but also with parents to. Highly recommended.”

Matthew Best

“I was delighted to find Ryozan Park when I first moved to Tokyo. The preschool provides a wonderful warm and nurturing environment for the children and my son loves it! Importantly, it is also a very positive, friendly, and useful place for parents. There are regular get togethers making it easy to socialize with other mothers, and the very nice co-working space on the floor below is a huge bonus. I have found the staff and mothers to be really supportive of both me and my son, and I am really pleased that a place like this exists in Tokyo.”

Anna Melia-Maude

The following are comments from
an anonymous customer satisfaction survey

“I think it’s wonderful that since the school is in a shared office environment, it’s natural to take an active interest in and respect the work and activities of other parents. Also, since it is a new preschool without a lot of strict rules, parents are not afraid to create the community environment themselves. I think it’s wonderful to see this group consciousness grow. It feels like a big family.”


“There is a good balance between respecting the characteristics of each child and fostering good communications skills within the group”

“Each child’s individual personality is cared for. The way the teachers use techniques to draw the children into the lesson without forcing them is truly wonderful. I really wish more children could experience Margaret’s teaching techniques.”


“I enjoy networking through RZP community events”


“They respect children’s individuality”

“Comfortable, homely atmosphere”

“Great teachers”

“I can feel that the children trust the teachers”

“The children are so happy! They are learning without studying”

“Play is intelligent and fun. The children are each carefully attended to”

“I enjoy the conversation between parents at drop off and pick up times”

“It’s lovely to see every one accommodating everyone”

“The teachers and staff are close and very approachable and easy to talk to”

“I like having lunch with other parents. It’s relaxing to talk together”


“I think it’s nice that kids can join lunch with parents and some family events”

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.”

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