Our Story

The Beginning

Toho Kenzai Corporation expands Ryozan Park to Otsuka with three floors of shared offices, one of which is dedicated to parents with young children and features a built-in Japanese daycare named Kosodate Village after the African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” and the mission to provide a space where children and also one’s self can be nurtured. As the community developed through dedicated social and professional events such as lunchtime skillshare workshops, the daycare/office services also evolved to meet changing needs.

In response to the demands of the community, Kosodate Village daycare is developed into a full-service English hoikuen, Ryozan Park Preschool.

Ryozan Park Preschool is transferred to Kosodate Village, a non-profit organization founded by Ryozan Park co-owner Rachel Ferguson, Head of School, Naomi Kondo and early childhood education specialist, Jocelyn Saito. While continuing to grow Ryozan Park Preschool as its main activity, adding a Montessori kindergarten to its programs, the Kosodate Village NPO takes up the mission to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Japan through early-childhood education, workshops for teens and supporting new parents in the community.


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NAME: NPO Kosodate Village

ADDRESS: Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Minami-Otsuka3-36-7, T&T Building 7F

TEL: 070-5014-2617

EMAIL: [email protected]


REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1-0133-0500-3310

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