Family English Class

12 – 20 months
12 – 20 months

Study as a family together with your child (12~20months) in “Family English Class”
Open from Jan. 2023. Spend 40 minutes a day with Native English teachers in a 100% immersive English environment. Enjoy becoming familiar with English through songs, dance, rhythm games, and reading picture books. Parents will pick-up English phrases they’ll be able to use at home with their families.

Class Schedule 

Every Monday 10:10~10:50

10:00-10:10 Check in / Free play

10:10-10:20 Circle time/Greeting

10:20-10:25 Morning exercise

10:25-10:35 Activity

10:35-10:40 Storytime

10:40-10:50 Goodbye Song & Review of the day

November and December will be a play performance 

Throughout the year, you can participate in up to two events for free 

Freely experience a free immersive lesson. 

Free Lesson Days 


Each Day 10:00~10:50 (Please arrive between 10:00-10:10)


For those who want to join the free experience days, please fill out an inquiry form.

Schedules and Events

Classes and times are subject to change. Please discuss details for days off and events with staff. Evacuation drills, nutrition education, height and weight measurement, and birthday parties are also held monthly.

Pre-Corona we used to regularly hold networking parties, workshops and lectures for office members. We haven’t re-introduced these on a regular basis yet, but keep an eye out on our Facebook page where we post notices for events.


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“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

Oscar Wilde
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