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Our Approach

At Ryozan Park, we believe in learning through play. We offer a diverse program rich in music, art, science, mathematics, and nature explored through song, dance, crafts, stories and the outdoors.

We do not adhere to any specific doctrine such as Montessori or Reggio Emelia, although our teachers are familiar with these methods. Instead, our program has been specially developed with English content in a Japanese structure to facilitate a smooth transition into the Japanese kindergarten classroom. We use a scientifically tested American curriculum called Mother Goose Time along with many original activities. We also enjoy celebrating Japanese holidays and customs, and often those of our teachers’ and students’ home countries.

Our Mission

To raise independent, curious, kind, robust kids in a fun, safe and loving space.

Learning Outcomes

Development of self-direction and social relationships

Strengthening of gross and fine motor skills and spatial awareness

Development of listening, communication and critical-thinking skills

Recognition of numbers, shapes and letters

Appreciation of international cultures and environments

Cultivation of creativity and expression through art, music, drama and dance

Establishment of knowledge and relationship with the outdoors and natural world

What is Mother Goose Time?

Mother Goose Time is a scientifically tested preschool program that integrates multi-modal learning with a play-based focus. Literacy, art, music, and science-aligned activities all complement a program based on folktales and nursery rhymes your child will love.

Children construct knowledge through everyday experiences. The tools we use from Mother Goose Time will help extend their learning as they explore the classroom, community and beautiful, diverse world around them.

As children get involved and participate in our activities they organically grow in many areas: Social & Emotional, Physical, Mathematics & Reasoning, Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Creative development. In addition to a daily curriculum plans, MGT has specialised programs for weekly dance [DanceNBeats], STEAM centers, and open-ended art [Invitations to Create].

Social and Emotional


Social Studies


Language and
Literacy Development

Mathematics and Reasoning


Second Language
Acquisition  Development

2018-19 Program

April • May • June

Learning Classroom Routine

(No Curriculum)

Engaging in the classroom, learning how to use school toys, walking to the park and exploring Otsuka

Snack & Lunch time
Simple table manners, independent eating, and healthy food choices

Toilet time
Changing clothes and diapers

Nap time
Quietly preparing for sleep

July • August • September

My Body Theme

About Me
Head, Arms, Legs, Hands & Feet

Five Senses
Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch & Smell

Shirts, Pants, Hats, Coats, Shoes & Socks

Staying Healthy
Washing Hands, Protecting Your Body, Sleep, Brushing your teeth, Exercise

We explored body parts, experimented with the five senses, and designed clothing. Children also loved learning 8 original dances about body movement.

September • October • November

Weather & Seasons

Sun, Wind, Clouds, Snow, Rainbows

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring & Seasonal Clothing

Changing Leaves, Daylight & Darkness, Hibernation, Migration

We learned about day to day weather and how it shapes and affects our daily experiences, that each season brings change and investigated the concept of change itself. Children enjoyed new music about the weather including song titles like Tornado, Drip Drop Rain, and Migrate.

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce
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