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Our Approach

At Ryozan Park, we believe in learning through play. We offer a diverse program rich in music, art, science, mathematics, and nature explored through song, dance, crafts, stories and the outdoors.

Our Mission

To raise independent, curious, kind, robust kids in a fun, safe, diverse and loving space.

Learning Outcomes

Development of self-direction and social relationships

Strengthening of gross and fine motor skills and spatial awareness

Development of listening, communication and critical-thinking skills

Recognition of numbers, shapes and letters

Appreciation of international cultures and environments

Cultivation of creativity and expression through art, music, drama and dance

Establishment of knowledge and relationship with the outdoors and natural world

Example of our 2020-21 Program

April • May

Baby animals

How are baby animals born? How do baby animals grow and change? How do baby animals stay safe?

The children learned all about baby animals and their development from babies into adults.

They were introduced to many different kinds of animals and found out how their parents care for them; they explored how babies are carried and kept safe.

June • July

Bugs and crawly things

Which crawly things live underground? What are the parts of an insect? Where do bugs build their homes?

The children learned all about the life of bugs and insects.

They learned about the metamorphosis process and their adaption to their habitats through storytelling and fun games.

August September

Treasure island 

What can you find on a beach? What lives inside a cave? How do people have fun on an island?

The children embraced their inner explorers and learned about the wonders and mysteries that can be found on a small island.

October • November

Let’s go camping

How do you stay warm during the night? What types of animals can you spot on a hike? What fun things can you do when camping?

The children learned about all the fun things outdoor camping has to offer.

From pitching a tent, building a fire to strumming a guitar, the kids developed a strong understanding and appreciation for nature while playing outdoor games and activities.

December • January

Winter in the woods

What animals live in the woods? What do you wear in winter? What does your family do in the winter?

The children experienced the beauty of the forest while learning about the animals that run, play and hibernate in the winter woods.

They built a bear den, decorated a snowman, knitted mittens, created a cosy fireplace and made a hearty breakfast.

February March

Let’s be superheroes

How can we dress up as superheroes? What is a superpower? How can we help save the planet? How can we help others?

The children delved deep into their imaginations with an array of exciting and active role-play activities.

The activities they did helped to build their confidence, bravery and compassion by learning how to be real-life superheroes.

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce
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